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We are Putlockers, a global community of free movie experts who believe movies cannot be measured by Netflix or Hulu subscription. Years passed since the first Putlocker website; today there are 20+ legit Putloker proxy sites, and Putlockers HD is one of them.

Do not be confused, Putlockers are run by community members. Multiple proxy websites allow better access regardless of geographic location and ensure faster stream translations for our viewers. 

Watch any genre you like: comedy, drama, adventure, mystery, horror, sci-fi, you name it. Despite many Putlockers and other free movie websites, Putlockers HD is the biggest free movie provider with over 11 thousand movies and shows in HD.

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Putlockers HD is by far the biggest free movies and shows provider. More than 11 000 titles are all streamed in HD. Nearly two-thirds of all movies are also streamed for big-screen TVs in 2K and 4K. We never compromise on the quality, low-resolution CAM is not on Putlockers list.

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If you want to watch movies online with no surveys or signups, Putlockers is the best free movie website that offers you endless hours of TV shows and full movies with not a stroke of work from you. Note: to add a movie or show to your wishlist you would need to create a free account.