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3 of a Kind (2012)

3 of a Kind (2012)

USA 106 Min.
IMDB: 4.9/10 130 votes

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Watch 3 of a Kind (2012) online for free full movie and streaming film in English with HD quality. THREE OF A KIND is a sexy, edgy, psychological thriller that will make your heart pound. Victor (Tom Adams) comes on to Anna (Jodi Russell) like a force of nature. “I’m the man of your dreams.” he tells her but for the next fifteen years of sadistic abuse, Victor is really the man of her nightmares. But Victor has his own share of nightmares about his childhood…nightmares that he nourishes with visits to his wheelchaired sister (Margot Kidder). Victor distributes heroin under the backdrop of his glittering casino, working with his Buenos Aires contact and reluctant business partner Giovanni (Mario Di Donato) whom he visits frequently. Since Victor wants to control his wife, he has Michael (Jared Zirilli) watch her while he is away. But things get really juicy when Michael and Anna become more than just friends. As Victor catches wind of their torrid affair, he orders his hired femme fatale Christina (Jessica Manuel) to kill Anna. Now Anna must face the biggest challenge of her life and play the game…or die trying.

Original Title Three of a Kind
IMDb Rating 4.9 130 votes
TMDb Rating 4.3 3 votes
3 of a Kind (2012)

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