Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)

Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)

There are 30,000 gypsies living at Vaccarès...and they can all go to HELL UK 98 Min. PG
IMDB: 4.6/10 223 votes

what going on?

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Watch Caravan to Vaccarès (1974) online for free full movie and streaming film in English with HD quality. In the south of France, a mysterious assassin shoots one man, then another. A wandering young American adventurer, Bowman (David Birney), meets a pretty young British photographer, Lila (Charlotte Rampling) when she hitches a ride. They run into the assassin while helping a couple who have broken down by the side of the road. When they arrive in town they meet a French duke (Michel Lonsdale) who invites them to dinner. David reveals that the duke had met him in Paris and offered him a job for $3,000 and a return ticket to New York but he doesn’t know what for. He is driving a car lent by the duke. That night a man breaks into a place where they are staying but Bowman fights him off. The duke appears and hires Bowman to smuggle a Hungarian scientist (Michael Bryan) out of France to the United States. Bowman is reluctant but the duke says if he won’t do it he will report the car as being stolen. The scientist escaped the Iron Curtain by hiding with a caravan of gypsies, but is being pursued by an unscrupulous gang bent on capturing him for sale to the highest bidder. A woman who helps Bowman is murdered at a bull fight. She turns out to be the Duc’s daughter. Lila and the scientist are kidnapped, but Borman rescues them. Lila and Bowman sleep together. Bowman is driving the scientist to safety in a car when a helicopter chases after them. The helicopter drives the car off the road. It seems the scientist has fallen into quicksand; a rope is dropped from the helicopter to retrieve him. However it turns out the man is Bowman in disguise. He overpowers one of the men in the helicopter then is dropped into a bull ring. Bowman defeats a bull fighter and is about to be killed by a charging bull but is rescued when the Duc shoots it dead. The Duc farewells Bowman and Lila at the airport with the scientist.

Original Title Caravan to Vaccares
IMDb Rating 4.6 223 votes
TMDb Rating 6 2 votes
Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)
Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)
Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)
Caravan to Vaccarès (1974)

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