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Io Island (1977)

Io Island (1977)

South Korea 110 Min.
IMDB: 6.9/10 187 votes

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Watch Io Island (1977) online for free full movie and streaming film in English with HD quality. On visiting the small island of Parang, near Jeju, Sun Wu-hyun recalls the events that occurred four years ago. A director of planning for a travel agency at the time, Wu-hyun hosts a promotional boating event for the construction of a new hotel in Jeju, to be named after the mythical island of “I-eoh.” On the boat to cover the event a trip in search of I-eoh Island reporter Chun Nam-suk suddenly insists that the trip must be abandoned and demands that they turn the boat around immediately. Sun, however, ignores his plea. That night, Chun goes missing from the boat and Sun becomes a suspect for his murder. After being cleared of the murder charge, Sun takes Chun’s editor, who still believes Sun to be the murderer, to Chun’s home on Parang Island in order to find the cause of his death. Sun tracks Chun’s past, talking to the rich widow who used to live with Chun, a friend of Chun’s, and a female shaman. He hears the remaining truth about Chun from Min-ja, a barmaid who was Chun’s first girlfriend, then has sexual relations with her. Meanwhile, the shaman pronounces that Chun was killed by the water demon of I-eoh Island and performs a ritual to wrest Chun’s body back from the demon. As she predicted, Chun’s body floats to shore. The shaman tells Min-ja that even though Chun is dead, the manly seeds inside him are still alive, and gives her the chance to conceive his baby. The movie returns to the present. On a hill by the seashore, Sun meets Min-ja, who has a little boy with her.

Original Title Iodo
IMDb Rating 6.9 187 votes
TMDb Rating 7.6 7 votes
Io Island (1977)
Io Island (1977)

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