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The Cook (1918)

The Cook (1918)

USA 22 Min.
IMDB: 6.7/10 931 votes

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Watch The Cook (1918) online for free full movie and streaming film in English with HD quality. Fatty is the head chef at the “Bull Pup” restaurant where Keaton serves as the head waiter. One evening though minister to is in full flow Keaton and Fatty entertain the crowd subsequently than their dancing (despite breaking most of the plates and bottles in the restaurant in the process). The fun is soon spoiled as soon as than a vagrant (St. John), referred to as “Holdup Man” in the film’s credits, comes in and begins ruining everyone’s suitable time and dancing after that the waitress (Alice Lake) closely her will. Fatty, Keaton and the superintendent are no allow for Holdup Man but he is also afraid off by Luke, Fatty’s dog. Later, Fatty and Keaton connect a pair of gentlemen in the restaurant for a supreme plate of spaghetti, not beast nimble to replicate the exact habit of eating it they resort to their own methods of eating one string at a period and discordant the pasta subsequent to scissors to make it shorter. The neighboring daylight Fatty plans a fishing vacation subsequent to Luke even if Keaton simultaneously takes the waitress concerning a date to the amusement park. Fatty takes a shortcut through the park and knocks several people out behind than his exceptionally long fishing rod previously arriving something when the beach. The waitress gets estranged from Keaton and is chased around the park by Holdup Man and ends taking place falling off the depth of a roller coaster, falling into the sea. Holdup man is chased off by Luke still later than more and Fatty and Keaton attempt to rescue the waitress but locate that the key to a flotation device is “in a courthouse one mile east”. Acting immediate, they grab a rope to throw to the waitress but Keaton falls off the pier still holding the rope and drags Fatty in taking into account him.

Original Title The Cook
IMDb Rating 6.7 931 votes
TMDb Rating 6.2 12 votes
The Cook (1918)

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