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Season 1
Episode 1 - Postcards From Buster Episode 2 - Meet Me at the Fair (Knox, Indiana) Episode 3 - A Sense of Direction (Chicago, IL) Episode 4 - Buster and Beatrice (San Antonio, Texas) Episode 5 - The Giant Pumpkins (Mt. Hood and Canby, Oregon) Episode 6 - Among the Hmong (Madison, Wisconsin) Episode 7 - Sleepy in Seattle (Seattle, Washington) Episode 8 - Up the River (Mandan and Bismarck, North Dakota) Episode 9 - Rodeo Cowgirl (Houston, Texas) Episode 10 - Buster's Buffalo Round-Up (Rapid City, South Dakota) Episode 11 - Moose on the Loose (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) Episode 12 - Rock and Roll (Boulder, Colorado) Episode 13 - Hoops and Drums (Lander, Wyoming) Episode 14 - Swimming in the Desert (Phoenix, Arizona) Episode 15 - Good Ol' Tyme (Whitesburg, Kentucky) Episode 16 - Buster's Road Rules (Tucson, Arizona) Episode 17 - Bayou, By Me (Slidell and Larose, Louisiana) Episode 18 - Best Friends (Winchester, Kentucky) Episode 19 - Winter Gold (Park City, Utah) Episode 20 - Star Search (Charleston, South Carolina) Episode 21 - We Are Family (Salt Lake City, Utah) Episode 22 - Buster's League of Champions (Virginia Beach, Virginia) Episode 23 - A Bridge Back Home (Brooklyn, New York) Episode 24 - Lost and Found (Guanajuato, Mexico) Episode 25 - The Music Mystery (New Orleans, Louisiana) Episode 26 - The Lowriders (East Los Angeles, California) Episode 27 - Beats by the Bay (San Francisco, California) Episode 28 - A City View (Manhattan, New York) Episode 29 - Homes Sweet Homes (Miami, Florida) Episode 30 - Riding the Wave (Cocoa Beach, Florida) Episode 31 - Buster's Lucky Year (San Francisco, California) Episode 32 - Spring Break (Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada) Episode 33 - Buster Gets on Board (Los Angeles, California) Episode 34 - Sugartime! (Hinesburg, Vermont) Episode 35 - Buster's Sweet Song (Leiper's Fork, Tennessee) Episode 36 - Family Reunion (Nashville, Tennessee) Episode 37 - Alien Adventure (Roswell, New Mexico) Episode 38 - Coming Together (Seattle, Washington) Episode 39 - Treasure Island (San Juan, Puerto Rico) Episode 40 - Step By Step (Hartford, Connecticut) Episode 41 - Buster's Big Goal (East Boston, Massachusetts) Episode 42 - Arthur and Buster Thanksgiving Spectacular
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Postcards from Buster

Postcards from Buster is a children’s television series for children aged 6–12, containing both animation and live-action that originally aired on Public Broadcasting Service. It is a spin-off of the Arthur cartoon series. The show stars Arthur’s best friend, 8-year-old rabbit Buster Baxter. Inspired by a 2003 episode of Arthur entitled “Postcards from Buster”, the television series was produced by Cinar and Marc Brown Studios.

It first aired October 11, 2004, on PBS Kids Go!. Buster’s interests include eating anything, reading comic books, and playing video games. Buster’s personality is that of a fairly intelligent and curious child. He also believes that extraterrestrials are real. Buster’s parents are divorced; in this series, Buster is seen with his father, Bo Baxter.

Arthur Read and many other characters from the PBS Kids Go! animated television series Arthur make cameo appearances in this series, and most episodes have an Arthur character playing a minor role. The series went through a hiatus between November 2008 and February 2012.

Putlocker Review:

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TV Status: Ended

Duration: 30 min


TMDb: 8.5